Valentines Day Just Got Better

Valentines Day Just Got Better

Are you ready to be the barista of your own love story?

With Cupid tuning his bow and love vibes filling the air, get set for a heartwarming addition to your Valentine's Day celebrations – courtesy our Barisieur Grande: 2-Cup Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock. Imagine falling in love all over again with the perfect brew – it's a love-infused awakening!

No more morning battles over who gets the coffee first!

You bet! The newest Barisieur brews for you and your partner both using pressure distribution to make 2 equal cups, turning your morning coffee routine into a symphony of flavours that perfectly reflects the harmony of your love. 


Rise and Brew - Setting the Morning Mood

With a built-in alarm clock, it's not just a wake-up call; it's a shared experience with your partner. Wake up hand-in-hand to the sweet melody of bubbling water and the smell of coffee in the air – the kind of magic that fills your hearts with love. 

So what’s so great about the Barisieur Grande?

With its larger brewing funnel and a capacity to brew 450 ml for single serving, the Grande now supports V60-style paper filters, allowing you to experiment generously to find that perfect brew. 

And of course, with a XL milk fridge, there’s more room for the both of you to add milk to your brew.

The Grande isn't just a gadget; it's a romantic gesture that promises to infuse your mornings or date nights with love, two cups at a time – because who said love can't be brewed?



It's got the cupid-approved design

This perfect companion for couples seamlessly fits right beside your bedside, making your mornings as special as your love. If you have a shared kitchen space, its minimalist aesthetic blends into the home decor effortlessly and makes it easier to clean.

Get ready to brew up some love and fun – the Barisieur way! Stay tuned and make sure to sign up to our email for updates so you can be among the first to experience the magic of brewing love or Pre-order HERE

Cheers to love, togetherness, and the perfect cup for two!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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