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How would you describe love in one word?

For such a strong word, it has endless meanings. For one universal understanding of a feeling, We all interpret it differently. We feel it in our own way and express it differently.

Despite the differences when it comes to the world "love" we all share one thing - the limitlessness. Love is limitless. We have the power to love unconditionally. And endlessly. The ability to love anyone or anything we want? We have it. Not only do we all experience it differently, but there are endless ways to describe it.

 We asked 10 strangers to describe "love".

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we all know that "love" is in the air. So we invited ten strangers for a cup of tea and coffee and asked them to describe "love".

Here are their answers:

Love is...

"My Family" - Dragica

"Unconditional" - Mia

"My Girlfriend"-  Blaz

"My Son" - Andreja

"Beautiful" - Nicolle

"My toys" - Tim

"My Mum" - Ana

"My Husband" - Mara 

"Pure" - Katarina

"Limitless" - Leo

What is love to you...?

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Have a wonderful Valentine's! xx

All the best,

Josh Renouf

Founder | Barisieur & Joyresolve